Lumpen station starts his activity as a sound extension of espace libre visarte Biel/Bienne in 2019 in order to explore the use of radio broadcast within an exhibitions program. In 2021 a new website was made with the aim to better archive sound works and offer audiences a platform of free access. Lumpen Station is now an online radio art space, working regularly by invitations, both in art spaces and unconventional locations. 

Andrea Marioni as founder and artistic director operates a monthly newsletter presenting new releases hosted on the website. In parallel, public sound listening sessions are organized and often take place in a site specific exhibition wherever Lumpen station is invited. This approach seeks to find a balance between embodied sound practices such as performance, and digital production at distance made by artists in their studio. Indeed, a digital platform allows the engagement of projects with artists based in all Swiss regions and internationally. It is also possible on the website to find contributions in different languages and explore the many possibilities of sound practices. 

Particular attention is given to spoken word and experimental narratives archived in the website in specific rooms. This terminology and structure intends to underline that is conceptualized as a virtual architecture or art space, offering different rooms where sound exhibitions are presented. 
Every contribution has their own page or wall giving all artists involved a personal space within the ensemble. On a regular basis, all contents are presented in a live broadcast and then archived as a podcast. 

Lumpen station also produces some educational content under “Lumpen universität” including interviews, talks and thematic focuses.

It is possible to contact our team to propose content or invite us to an art venue or event, all website contents are also available on apple.podcast and spotify. Lumpen station has an official status by SUISA as swiss webradio.


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