A radio art exhibition by Lumpen Station
Oct 13th-17th, 24h/24 archives streaming on lumpenstation.art
Everyday at 2pm « Cultural exchange », live talk-show in espace libre booth

As part of the Swiss pool invited in Supermarket for the 100th anniversary of swiss embassy in Sweden and in such context as an international venue, Lumpen Station team decided to center all his presence on the concept of: cultural exchange.

This imply that : “to meet the others you have first to share what you’re”. In a country like Switzerland, composed by at least four cultures, this goal appears complicated and we can say that one common statement of swiss citizens is to not think themselves as Swiss people, as said the novelist F. Durrematt: Switzerland doesn’t exist.
Though, in the last years, in a general movement of “looking for identity”, an alps heritage has been claimed and used in politics tactics. Long story short, last decades dig a binarity between fantasy of origins or naïve folklore fascination, both taken as sort of eternal mythology and a fantasy about authenticity.

On parallel, “Swissness” find a large success in food industry, like if Switzerland was first of all a singular taste, only available around centrals alps and generously distributed by emblematic corporations. During our stay in Supermarket, we aim to “Trade Switzerland”, trying to create from a contemporary art perspective: collisions, exchanges and awareness.

We invited as well seven artist to focus on a swiss practice of their choice.  They committed to think what relation they have with their cultural heritage of proximity and to exit from nostalgia or identarian agendas. Trading Switzerland is a sound exhibition composed within contributions by: Rachele Monti, Jules Raynal & Maëlle Dreier, Charlotte Nagel, Julien Berberat, Paul Courlet and Antoine Läng. Is possible to listen to it in our booth at any moment or every day in streaming on lumpenstation.art at 5.30pm. 

A collection of vinyls made by swiss bands will be distributed as “diplomatic gifts” during our daily live talk-show at 2pm while exchanging with our guests in real-time.
For more questions, debates or exchanges, our team is here to discuss with visitors.


Associates Traders : Rachel Maggart, Art Collab Studio, Marianne Mettler & Andrea Grieder

Broadcasted in SUPERMARKET 2021 — Stockholm Independent Art Fair — 10.21 — 29:53

Co-production Lumpen Station & Rachel Maggart, Art Collab Studio, Marianne Mettler & Andrea Grieder

Mix edit : Andrea Marioni

Photo & graphic design : Mathilde Beetschen

With the support of : Ville de Bienne, Canton de Berne, Pro Litteris, FSRC and SWISSPERFORM

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