Sweet tunes from Tambora - Radio art exhibition from 16.09 to 25.09
Curators :
Lumpen Station - Andrea Marioni
Laptopradiø - core team
Praxis art space - Cyril Kazis
Graphic works: Mathilde Beetschen 

Sweet tunes from Tambora, took place in Praxis art space in Basel to propose an immersive exhibition dedicated to radio art practices.
Lumpen Station and Laptopradiø broadcasted on “webwaves” many sounds forms and engaged several invited artist in-situ or at distance.
The audience was invited to lay down, close the eyes and literally to float on the sound waves.

Exhibition text: 

Shortly, is clear that radio art, is first of all a matter of tune and his presence into visual-arts open the possibility to introduce “mind-pictures” received by ears instead of eyes. The other fact of radio art, is the capability to send a signal and to spread the exhibition atmosphere in others locations, giving to the status of the art space a secondary role. We can say that broadcasted sound art, aim to create a common, based on sharing a time lapse, in which artist and audience are committed on the same reception.
The art space is caring something beyond his walls, his main role is to welcome, to be an “un-authoritarian” space, able to offer a peculiar atmosphere with generosity. 

For the official opening of Praxis art space and on the marge of such important venues as Art Basel, Lumpen Station and Laptopradiø choose as totem the Indonesian vulcan Tambora, which caused in 1815 a climate change on a global scale. Naturally we do not wish to plunge the world into another cataclysm, but this volcano seems to us, to represent well the researches we’re committed with the concept of radio art: from a place of eruption, the effects of the creations that we broadcast, can be felt at a distance and for a long time.

We aim as well, to exit radio from his usual role confined into a simply tool of communication. Radio is mainly “at service” of others contains, an exhibition like this, put a trouble into this servitude and give a relevant place to sound-forms of expression.

Here is time to invite you to choose a place so sit, to lay, to close your eyes if you like or watch the process as a performance developed in real time, however you enter in the exhibition, we are glad you accepted our invitation, welcome.


Inspired by Brautigan Library which welcomed unpublished books, Andrea Marioni made an open call to several musicians in order to “recycle” their trash, old versions or whatever they think won’t be released officially.

This "sound transformation" from litterature to radio open the question about sound-waste from artist, indeed presented as part of a collective recycling process, these unreleased track can't be seen as a fetish. The  "trash tracks" are fusionned, they are now part of something else than a personal-artistic-individual failure, they enter in dialogue with others leftovers. 

Adrien Guerne - Bella donna orchestra, Réka Csiszér, Léonard de Muralt, Hervé Thiot, Manuel Engel, Boris Gétaz, Eva Zornio, Robin Girod - Bandit voyage, Ross Hutchison, Emma Souharce

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