Lumpen connexions, co-production Lumpen Station, release in january 2023 

“After stretching, it is possible to spring back into the original shape, like a rubber band, but in the meantime something has changed. There has been a shift.” STRETCHING OUT is an audio essay by Radna Rumping. In this 30 minute long text, she invites a silence, looks at a record cover of Bootsy Collins, builds and releases tension in an archery club, waits until binaries start to quiver and encounters the work of Renée Green. 

0. the part that is the end, and the beginning
1. two points
2. staring
3. training
4. stretchin’ out in bootsy’s rubber band
5. shift
6. begin again

Acknowledgements: All samples and music excerpts in this piece are from (members of) Parliament-Funkadelic, focusing on their songs of the 1970s. Thanks to Prem Krishnamurthy for introducing me to archery, and to Ingmar Bruin for the (audio) support. 

Radna Rumping is an artist and curator based in Amsterdam. Her work is engaged with music culture, relationships, public space, communality and conditions of (in)visibility. Radio and sonic explorations have run like a thread through her practice - in 2015 she co-founded Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, an online radio platform dedicated to the arts. 

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