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Soap Stone Stove
Flurina Casty, Zoë Binetti, Milena Krstic

Text and narration by Flurina Casty
Music by Zoë Binetti 
Recording and post-production by Milena Krstic

Playlist :
00:00 Stiva
05:05 Idol 
08:42 Musical intermission
11:54 Fiug
14:17 Mort 
16:03 Levada

Soap Stone Stove (2020) is a poem written and performed by Flurina Casty. Suitable to the format of Lumpen Station, Flurina asked her friend and performance artist Zoë Binetti to accompany her with the eerie and instrumental sounds from Zoë’s improvisational repertoire. The live session of the two artists performing simultaneously was recorded on the 4th of August in Zoë’s Studio in Bern. Milena Krstic, sound artist, lyricist and composer, was asked to complete the team, as her technical skills would guarantee a great recording session. Her final mastering promised to give the work the crisp sound quality it deserves to guarantee a great auditive experience for the listener.

Flurina Casty (*1988) lives and works in Zurich and Grisons.
She graduated with a bachelor in fine arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2015 and obtained her Master’s degree in 2020 in performance and writing at the Bern University of the Arts. The past years she has been developing her artistic practice and focused in finding a unique language and perspective to engage her audience through spoken word performances. She investigates the correlation between memory, experience, oral history, symbolism and sensemaking. In her work she frequently blends performance, poetry, video and painting.She has exhibited work and performed in numerous art spaces, been engaged in collaborative art projects, collectives and community-based projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Zoë Binetti (*1983) lives and works in Bern.
She completed her MA in Contemporary Art Practices at the Bern University of the Arts in summer 2020. She runs the Sinnestheaterstudio in Bern - a research center for sensory theatre and queer-animistic performance art. She develops her dance theatre and music performances there. Her work is influenced by a versatile background in physical comedy, music, installation, dance, anarchism, shamanism and bodywork. She performs live as a solo artist and in various collaborations. 

Milena Krstic lives and works in Bern CH as a journalist and musician.
As Milena Patagônia she produces crude RnB with Swiss German lyrics. She is also the vocalist of the dialect duo Cruise Ship Misery with the author Sarah Elena Müller (lyrics, keys). In 2018, she was awarded the "Coup de Coeur" prize for young musicians by the canton of Bern. She has just completed her Bachelor in Sound Arts at the Bern University of the Arts in 2020 and is now focusing on building her own recording studio.

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