You would not be just an ornament, by Tatiana Heuman 

It is possible to access new interpretations of the urgencies of the current reality through rest. Dreaming acts as an engine to continue when everything around seems to indicate that one of all ends is approaching.
Floating, hidden somewhere, appearing randomly, my dear dream,
Should I talk to you or about you? Because you seem to be a form of life, Have we talked too much about you, Have we talked too much with you? I don't think so. Not enough.
So I imagine this possibility: talking to the dream as a concrete entity, a character, a body that can act just like me. I should invoke it to interrupt the productive and demanding everyday life. To awaken this assembled but paranoid creature in which threads of memories tangle and untangle. An unexpectedly alien intelligence, a precision mechanism nesting in the most elusive corridors of our intimacy.

Idea, edition, music:
Tatiana Heuman
Guido Wertheimer


Voices (in order of apparition):
Tatiana Heuman
Vareila Mairanga
Dieu Hao Do
Mariana Carvalho

The texts included in this piece come from these books and authors:
Un departamento en Urano by Paul B. Preciado
La inteligencia del sueño by Anne Dufourmantelle
Este es el momento exacto en el que el tiempo empieza a correr by Ana Llurba

24/7 Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep by Jonathan Crary
Recorded 01.08.2022 - 8.09.2022
Duration: 21:09
Co-produced by Lumpen Station
Supported by Ville de Bienne, Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern

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