Dolly and Raffaele 
by Geneviève Costello
Soundworks produced for Lumpen Station Connexions, june 2022

Moving between languages and multi-generational Italian-American and American-French immigrant life, « Dolly and Raffaele » forms an aural diary - a temporal and spatial maze of communication, love, and inhabiting. Part testimony, poetic sequence, annotation, and sound effect, « Dolly and Raffaele » expands upon traditional voices of history and forms of sharing contemporary social life. 

Credits :
- « Dolly and Raffaele » by Geneviève Costello
- mai 2022, 30:00 minutes, [field recordings, modular synthesizer and annotations of texts (in order of appearance) :
- The Structure of World History : From Modes of Production to Modes of Exchange by Kojin Karatani (Duke University Press, 2014) ;
- The Meaning of the Body : Aesthetics of Human Understanding by Mark Johnson (The University of Chicago Press, 2007) ;
- White Girls by Hilton Als (Penguin Books, 2014) ;
- Histoires d’amour by Julia Kristeva (Éditions Denoël, 1983) ;
- The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño (Picador, 2009) ; et
- La Voie du Tarot, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa (Éditions Albin Michel, 2004)]
- Co-production Lumpen Station and Geneviève Costello
- Supported by : Ville de Bienne, Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern

Bio :
Genevieve Costello is an artist, cultural researcher, and PhD candidate in Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London. She works with sound, text, and performance. Much of her practice takes place in the format of documentation, the creation and collection of an archive. Globally, through texture and intimate exchanges with persons and environments, her work explores themes of care, vulnerability, and the nature of relationships. She lives in Limoges, France.

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