Lumpen connexions

In this room are hosted soundwroks made by artist proposing a sound experimentation. Guest artists explore a theme, a practice, use improvisation, edit, reading, spoken words or music composition. This room whish to contribute in an open minded attitude the possibilities of expression under the concept of "radio art". Presented as podcast some works are as well live broadcasted during public venues or live stream associated with Lumpen Station activities. All the contents are dedicated to a research and offer a peculair sound experience to the audience. Soundworks by artists from diffrents countries and art practices meet here in an atmosphere of exchange. 


Deep Listening, by Daniela Brugger

deep listening is an invitation to relax and focusses on notification sounds present in our everyday life. The electronic devices relate to us by saying hello, goodbye, well done, generally commenting, and observing the user. The machines seeking our attention, and communicating with us via sounds, while we receive messages, send Emails, or start a computer.

The piece is inspired by the process of "machine learning", the reality of "deep fake" and relates these topics with the experience of "deep listening". The term "deep listening" is known as a description for a meditative and concentrated form of listening whereas "deep learning" describes a multi layered learning system and the large amount of data used to create artificial intelligence.
For the recording two improvisation artists were asked to individually mimic the complex notification sounds with their voice.

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