CANALE MILVA has been initiated in the spring of 2020 by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino on the invitation of Andrea Marioni, with the support of Lumpen Station and the artist-run space one gee in fog. The project came together in response to the temporary closure of studios, workshops and art spaces, with the consequent impossibility of producing material works of art and presenting them in physical space. Through CANALE MILVA, we aim at engaging with the format of the sound exhibition, privileging sound as medium for art- and exhibition-making, as well as listening as main fruition practice. CANALE MILVA includes a number of columns, each dedicated to a particular Italian song and/or to its singer, which become starting points for the construction of specific exhibition projects. The first column we are happy to present is Alla mattina appena alzata (in the morning, freshly awoke), dedicated to Milva and her 1971 performance of the Italian song Bella Ciao.