The aim of the ARTIST RUN PANELS project is to create a nomadic discussion forum on the basis of partnerships between independent artist run initiatives all over the world. The panels are taking place in different countries and published live over a podcast addressing an international audience. Professionals from all over the world are invited to listen and ask questions to the participants during the talk. In the course of the year 2020 several European panels are planned in cooperation with various artist run initiatives, fairs or festivals. You are invited to join the initiative as a listener, host or organize you own regional panel.

March 7th 2020 | 6–8 pm /
6–7 pm | moderated discussion with invited guests
7–8 pm | open question and answer round
Andreas Marti / Dienstgebäude Art Space Zurich / Zurich Art Space Guide
Thomas Heimann / Ausstellungsraum Klingental Basel
Surprise Guest: Chris Frautschi / Lokat-int, BielBienne

moderator and host:
Andrea Marioni / Espace Libre Visarte Biel
Jasmin Glaab / kunsthallekleinbasel